All-State Orchestra

Hello everyone! 


I appreciate your patience as I finalize the details for Woodwind, Brass and Percussion auditions for the 2022 All State Orchestra, Friday, Nov. 4th, Sat. Nov. 5th and Sun. Nov. 6th at UNCSA in Winston-Salem. It's a great experience and wonderful repertoire. 

Eligible Students MUST meet at least one the following:  


  • Current High School Students Who Participated in either the Western OR Eastern Regional Orchestra

  • Current High School Students who Auditioned for the 2022 All State Band on March 5th, 2022. 

    • Students did NOT need to qualify for the ASB to be eligible. They only need to have auditioned. 

    • Students who auditioned on String Bass at the ASB Auditions are not eligible to audition. This process is only for non-string players.



NOTE: Students MUST audition using the 2021-2022 11/12 All State Band Scales and Solo Requirements. There is no sight-reading. If your student would like to use the exact same videos for All State Orchestra as they used for 11/12 All State Band, they are welcome to do so. If you are using an already created video from ASB, you can disregard the scripts attached to the email. I can use their registration information to identify them. There is no registration fee. 


If you are creating a new video, you simply use the script located in the packet linked below, video-record the student's entire solo in one video and all of the required scales in a separate video. File names must be labeled as follows: 





Then, fill out the information and upload the videos using the form below and you're good to go! 


ALL required information and most of your questions can be answered by carefully reading the All State Orchestra Audition Packet. Thank you! 




2022 North Carolina All-State Orchestra: Wind, Brass and Percussion Audition Submission


The deadline to submit auditions is Friday, June 3rd, 2022. 

Anyone with questions can contact me, Ryan Ellefsen,, with questions.