All-State Orchestra

All-State Orchestra Update from Ryan Ellefsen - 9/3/21


A few of you have been asking about the All State Orchestra situation and here is some information for you. Because there are so many districts that are still not allowing field trips and due to the capacity limitations in the rehearsal/performance spaces at UNCSA, we will be doing the 2021 All State Orchestra as a virtual event again this year. However, unlike last year, we are going to have ALL performers participate in the ensemble. So, for those of you whose students were selected, you will receive further information from the NCHO Chairperson, Joey Walker. 


If any of you have students who are participating in the ensemble, but have moved to a different school, please let me know who the new contact person is along with their email. I'll pass that information along to Joey.


Joey Will be in touch with you in the coming weeks as to how exactly this is going to work. There are many moving parts, so please be patient. Again, thank YOU for supporting your students with the 2021 NC Honors Orchestra and do all that you can to allow us to host this event in person for 2022!

Solo List (2020-2021 List)

The NCBA webmaster has turned the page from the current year to the 2021 school year. I know that means that many of you don't know the cuts or even the solo for the CURRENT 11/12 Solos for All State Orchestra. The scales are the same as they have always been. For the 11/12 Solo with cuts listed, please click here. Keep in mind, YOU are still responsible to acquiring the solo, but the solo list can be found here:

All State Orchestra Question Clarification

Hello, this is Ryan Ellefsen, Chairperson for the Orchestra Section and Committee Chair for the All State Orchestra WW/Brass/Percussion Auditions. I have been asked about what to expect with the option for you to have your students considered for the All State Orchestra (NCHO) in Fall and would like to offer some clarifying information.

First, because our All State Orchestra clinic is in fall, only students who are currently in grades 9, 10 and 11 are eligible. Once students are registered for All State Band, I plan to contact those teachers who have indicated that they would like their students to be considered for NCHO for further instructions. In the meantime, please know that the audition materials are exactly the same as the 11/12 All State Band auditions: same scales - same solo cuts - same video production process.

However, because we are collecting videos from ASB as well as from those teachers who are submitting audition videos for what would have been our regional orchestras, AND because your 9/10 ASB students would need to learn a whole new solo and adjusted scales for the 11/12 requirements, the actual videos won't be due until June 1st and adjudication wont take place until the summer. My goal is for all directors to know (yeah or nay) on or around August 1st, 2021.

Finally, I will need 2 percussionists to judge these video auditions over the summer. You do get a $50 stipend for helping out. If you have any questions at all, or if you want to judge during the month of July, please reach out.