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Do You Know Your Districts?

For example - A band director teaches in Mecklenburg County. That director is in the NCMEA District 6-Southwest; in the NCBA District-South Central; and Western Region for Jazz.

NCMEA Districts

NCBA Districts

Jazz Regions

This organization is the official Band section of the NC Music Educators Association which is associated with the State Department of Public Instruction and is A Federated State Association of NAfME, The National Association for Music Education.

 Active membership is granted to any individual actively engaged in directing bands or teaching wind or percussion instrumental music and who is a member of NCMEA.


NCMEA Mentoring Program

The primary goal of the NCMEA Mentoring Program is to identify and assist North Carolina music teachers in their first year of teaching. If you need a mentor or know a first-year director, please share the following information with them.

Mentoring Committee Chair:
Windy Baird


Mary May


Windy Baird


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