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Proposing New Music for the MPA List

Each year, the NCBA members are asked to review the MPA List for pieces that need to be removed or moved to a different grade level. Members are also asked to submit recommendations for additions to the list.

Band President-Elect & Committee Chair


How to Submit a Piece of Music for the MPA Music List:

  1. You can make your own recommendation.

  2. Obtain a score for the piece you would like to recommend. Align it with the Grade Level Descriptors.

  3. Completely fill out the online form. Only online forms will be accepted starting in 2018. Paper recommendation forms are only here for a printable reference (Paper Form for Grades 1, 2, or 3) (Paper Form for Grades 4, 5, or 6). The more information you can provide on the piece the better!

  4. Submit both the score and recommendation form to your MPA Adjudication Committee representative or via PDF to the Committee Chair.

  5. The score will be returned to you via your representative by your spring meeting if it is an original.


Important Deadlines:

The deadline to make additions, deletions, or grade level changes is late April 23rd of each year.

The deadline to submit music to be considered at the Fall MPA Meeting is November 1st of each year.
Please note that the committee only adds new pieces in the fall and does not delete pieces or make changes in grade level.

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