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Raiford "Ray" Landreth

Raiford "Ray" Landreth

Raidford Ivy Landreth, better known as Ray, worked as a band director in Virginia and North Carolina. He spent the last 18 years of his career as the director of band at Concord High School where he retired. Upon his death in 2000 the band room was dedicated and named after him as well as an award dedicated to his memory named the Raiford Ivy Landreth Excellence in Music Award. During his time as a band director, Ray directed multiple bands to receive superior ratings at MPA (concert festival) as well as direct award winning marching bands. His bands were selected and performed in Ireland as musical ambassadors representing the City of Concord, NC.

Many of Ray’s students were selected for honors such as county band, district band and state honors band. He held all of his students to high standards and taught with discipline and compassion. At Concord High School he taught the students to work and live “With Pride”. Many of his students felt that he was like a father figure to them and he was affectionately referred to as “Daddy Ray”.

Ray participated in the South Central District of North Carolina and was awarded the Award of Excellence in 1986. He inspired many students throughout his 36 years of education to be their best selves and to love music as he did. Many of his students to this day participate in musical activities as well as some were inspired to be music teachers.

Under his direction, the Concord High School Band was a state and regionally recognized program with a reputation and record of high level musical performances. They performed at the highest level across the state, outside of the state, and internationally. Ray was known throughout the state for his bands, and for the high level performers that came through the program due to his instruction.

Superior Ratings at Concert MPA Below

1980 – Grade V
1981 – Grade V
1982 – Grade V
1983 – Grade VI
1984 – Grade VI
1985 – Grade VI
1989 – Grade V
1990 – Grade VI
1991 - Grade VI
1993 - Grade VI
1995 - Grade VI
1996 - Grade VI

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