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Joseph D. DeNardo

Joseph D. DeNardo

Joseph D. DeNardo was a bandmaster in Asheville, NC. Mr. DeNardo was a student of Giuseppe Verdi. Mr. DeNardo's students included Ray Haney and Lamar Stringfield.

Mr. DeNardo was very dedicated to the idea of a state symphony and
played an important role in reviving the NC Symphony in 1940.

From The Asheville Herald - October 15, 1933:

"Music Study Is Being Taken by 160 in Schools
Plans are being made to form a band and orchestra at each of the two high schools in the city, and also to combine all the
musicians into a large orchestra and large band, Joseph D. DeNardo, music director in the city schools, said yesterday.

A total of 160 boys and girls in the two high schools are
enrolled in instrumental music for band and orchestra, Mr. DeNardo said. A little over one-half of these are at the Hall Fletcher High School in West Asheville, the remainder being
at the David Millard High School on Oak street."

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